SQID sql injection digger.


SQL injection digger is a command line program that looks for SQL injections and common errors in web sites.
Current version can perform the following operations:
Also supports sqid is written in ruby.Find out more about SQL Injection.

sqid is extensible by adding more signatures to its database (sqid.db). The signatures simply use
regular expressions.


Usage: sqid.rb [options]

    -m, --mode MODE                  Operate in mode MODE.
                                     MODE is one of
                                       g,google  Operate in google search mode.
                                       u,url     Check this url or a file with urls.
                                       p,page    Check single page.
                                       c,crawl   Crawl website and check.

Google search mode options:
    -q, --query QUERY                QUERY to perforn google search for.
    -s, --start START                zero-based index of the first desired result,
                                     zero if not specified.
    -r, --results RESULTS            number of results desired, default is 20 if not specfied.
                                     rounded to tens.

URL check mode options:
    -u, --url URL                    check this URL.
                                     If URL is a file urls will be loaded from this file, specify each url on a new line.

Page check mode options:
    -p, --page PAGE                  Check this page.

Crawl mode options:
    -c, --crawl WEBSITE              Crawl website WEBSITE and check.
                                     specfify as http[s]://WESITE:[PORT], default PORT is 80

URL, Page and Crawl mode common options:
    -C, --cookie COOKIE              Cookie in the HTTP header specify as name=value,name=value.
                                     If COOKIE is a file cookies will be loaded from this file, specify each cookie on a new line.
    -a, --accept-cookies             Accept cookies from the webite or page. Default is no.
    -R, --referer REFERER            Set referer in the HTTP header.
    -B, --auth CREDENTIALS           Use crendtials as basic auth for the website.
                                     specfify as user:password.

Common options:
    -o, --with-noquery               Match page content without query parameters. Default is false.
    -D, --db-files FILE,...,FILE     Use file(s) FILE,...,FILE as signature database.
    -t, --trigger TRIGGER            Use TRIGGER for detecting SQL injections/errors default is '.
                                     If TRIGGER is a file triggers will be loaded from it. specify each trigger on newline.
                                     Lines starting with a # are ignored.
    -T, --time-out TIMEOUT           Timeout for response in seconds.
                                     Default is 10 seconds.
    -U, --user-agent USERAGENT       User Agent in the HTTP Header.
    -P, --proxy PROXY                User HTTP proxy PROXY for operations.
                                     specfify as proxy:port.
    -A, --proxy-auth CREDENTIALS     Use crendtials CRENDENTIALS for the proxy.
                                     specfify as user:password.
    -v, --verbose                    Run verbosely.
    -h, --help                       Show this message

sqid is licensed under GPL v2.
Current version is 0.3. sqid releases can be downloaded here.
The projects SVN repository can be checked out with the following command

svn checkout svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/sqid


Next release will be additionally able to look for SQL injections in a web page by submitting forms. A GUI ?.

Please send suggestions, bugs, patches and flames at .

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